On June 1st, the Emmanuel Community joined the Following Christ group at Saints John and Paul for a day long retreat and community day combination. The choice was a happy coincidence that both would fall on the same day. Msgr. Petrillo asked the Rawsons (our local leaders) if we could do the day together and enjoy the teachings from Following Christ “We are at War”.

It was a wonderful introduction for the non-Emmanuel members of the Saints John and Paul parish to witness what a true community day looks like. We followed a usual community day: praise, teaching and discussion, lunch, discussion, adoration/confession, teaching, ending with 5 pm mass.

During our Adoration we had 5 people take their first step of Welcome and Discernment, that were mostly Emmanuel School of Mission students and a couple to renew their commitment. Total of 7 people announcing their love for Jesus through the Emmanuel Community! We shared this intimate moment in the Scared Heart Chapel that was built in 2017.

“We are at War” talks given by Frank Fano (Saints John and Paul Music Director) and Fr. Frank Prima included: The World, The Flesh, and The Devil. During “the Devil” we renewed our baptismal vows. All the talks were very moving and enjoyed by both communities. The day ended with mass celebrated by all of our Emmanuel Priests of the local community, Msgr. Thomas, Fr. Frank, Fr. Dominique, Fr. Charles and Fr. Paul.

We were blessed to have both communities come together to share Christ and have 3 Saints John and Paul members interested in learning more about joining the Emmanuel Community. Looking forward to our next meeting in the fall.

Debby (NY)


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