Isn’t it time for a mission?

I got three questions for you:

QUESTION: Doesn’t it seem like a long time since the brothers and sisters of the Community have rallied together for a good ol’fashion parish mission?

RESPONSE: Yeah it’s been a real long time…

QUESTION: Don’t you get a hanker’n to announce the love of Jesus Christ and the coming of the Kingdom?

RESPONSE: I’m thinking about it all the time…

QUESTION: Aren’t you just itch’n to get out there and knock on some doors and carry the peace of the Savior to some unsuspecting soul?

RESPONSE: My feet are already out the door…

We have the joy of announcing to you that the parish of Sts. John and Paul of Larchmont is launching a parish mission from March 7th to the 15th.

The mission will have some of those favorite activities that we all enjoy and love so much, such as: street evangelization, house to house visits, joyful prayer, evening entertainment, family visits, mercy night, games, fraternity, good food, fatigue, laughter, testimonies, smiles and adoration.

And we would like to invite you to this mission!

You have a special place in this mission to witness to the power of the Heart of Jesus, which unites us in the mission of the Church.

We are also happy to announce that the parish will be hosting 16 students of the Emmanuel School of Mission in Rome. These 16 young people from countries all over the world give one year of their lives to deepening their relationship with Christ and learning to become witnesses of his love. The Emmanuel School of Mission (ESM), Rome, is a nine month programme offering missionary, spiritual and doctrinal formation for young adults between 18 and 30 years old. Situated in Rome, the heart of the Catholic Church, the ESM provides the ideal place for students to form themselves in their faith and learn how to be true missionaries of Christ.

Contact us as soon as you can so that we might organize some simple logistics for your stay. Let us know as well in any manner you would like to contribute to the success of the mission.

Please keep the mission in your prayers. We believe that it is a real milestone in the life of the parish and the implantation of the Community here in New York.

Be sure of our prayers for you as your brothers in Christ.

Fr. Thomas, Fr. Dominique and Fr. Frank

Written by: Frank (NY)

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  1. and maybe you’ll find a spouse during the mission??? Experience speaking!
    Fr.Dominique (12 parish missions in Belgium,6 in Ireland,5 in France…)

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