As the newly elected moderator of the Emmanuel Community, Michel-Bernard de Vregille circumvents the world to meet the members. In this short film, he and his wife Catherine join the director of Fidesco, Emeric Clair and his wife Quitterie, to see a few of the missions that have welcomed volunteers from Fidesco for many years in Madagascar, off the eastern coast of Africa.

Paradoxically few members of the Emmanuel Community serve as Fidesco volunteers each year. This is definitely something for all Community members to pray about. Where is God calling us to serve Him?

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Rosemary (DC)

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  1. Wonderful video! Thank you so much for sharing, Rosemary. :) I had the great pleasure of seeing Michel-Bernard and Catherine this past July in France during my ESM reunion. Let us keep all the Fidesco missionaries in our prayers.

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