Minnesota (Twin Cities)

Here are just a few of our brothers and sisters from St. Paul on a day of mission!

The Emmanuel Community in the Twin Cities

The Emmanuel Community has been present in Minnesota since 2002 and now counts 20 members in the Twin Cities area.

We are composed of married couples, a couple of priests and some young adult singles. We live a full Community life regular households, monthly community gatherings and mission opportunities—especially for married couples.

This Spring, 2016, we have the privilege, with the Church of Saint Stephen, of welcoming the Emmanuel School of Mission in Rome from April 3-10 for a week long mission.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

God bless you!




  1. Kelly Dehn
    April 28, 2017    

    Is there any hope of the Emmanuel Community going to Duluth?

    • Jacqueline Kane
      May 4, 2017    


      We are not currently in Duluth but would welcome you to join us in the St. Paul area sometime if you are able. Our next gathering will be over Pentecost, let me know if you would like more details.

  2. Jean Bemis
    May 3, 2017    

    Where and when is the next gathering for the community?

    • Jacqueline Kane
      May 4, 2017    


      Our next gathering in the Twin Cities will be over Pentecost weekend – the evening of June 2nd and during the day on June 3rd. Please let us me know if you would like more information for this or other gatherings.


  3. Matthew T. Kopacek
    June 2, 2017    

    Hello. I’m interested in learning about your community and discerning if it might be the right for me to join. I live in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, and belong to the Church of the Immaculate Conception. My friend Peter Braam told me about you. My phone number is 763-227-1953, and my e-mail is mtkopacek@yahoo.com

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