What we do

As members of the Emmanuel Community, we are on mission for holiness in our daily lives.

All members, whether priests, married, single, or consecrated in celibacy, have the same requirements: daily adoration of the Blessed Sacrament of one hour – if possible, daily Mass – if possible, joyful morning praise – to start each day with gratitude to our Lord, regular Confession, and praying for one another. Committed members also tithe, according to their ability, and serve the Community with their time and talent.

There is only one rule in the Emmanuel Community: that we do not criticize.

It basically means we strive to live out our specific vocation (married, single, consecrated or holy orders) to know, love and serve God by serving others.

How do we serve others?
By being Emmanuel “God with us” and bringing God’s Word to the world in our every day lives. Whether at school, work, the market and of course in our families we are called to evangelize so “that all men shall be saved” (1 Timothy 2:4). However, we can only strive for holiness when we are accompanied on this journey by other like-minded brothers and sisters. So we receive in abundance through community life (in prayer and sharing) so that, in return, we may go out and be the light of Jesus to others.


On the local level we regularly gather in small groups (households or “maisonee” from French). Small groups are the primary place where we live Community life. Members confidentially share the experiences of their lives by reflecting on how God’s Word has touched them and how they seek to evangelize. They also share their prayer intentions so that the others can “carry” them in prayer until their next meeting. Meetings are weekly or semi-weekly, depending on local circumstances. Ideally, members meet in person, but exceptions are occasionally made where some members will call in through phone or Skype.

Local communities also organize monthly meetings known as “Community Days”. In addition to small groups, members gather on these days and invite non-members to “come and see” the richness of community life. During these gatherings, several small groups will come together at a designated location (local parish, home or retreat center) and for a day or even just an afternoon for praise, Mass, a teaching, adoration and to share a meal. Typically all family members are invited and children’s activities are planned whenever possible.

Read more details about each regional community and their schedules on the Where We Are page.


Prayer & Sharing

In addition to weekly small groups meetings and monthly “community days”, members participate in the annual regional retreat (Spring), annual national retreat (Fall) and Companionship. Companionship is a form of spiritual guidance that is provided to all members of the community. Each member is assigned another member (female with female; male with male) to help guide them in their community journey. Companions do not provide spiritual direction but rather are a friend to help in the journey and pray with us along life’s journey towards holiness in the context of our specific vocation.

Other activities we provide

Mercy Night – an evening of music, prayer, and Adoration and testimonies in local parishes.

Zaccheus Course, which is a course on the social teaching of the Catholic Church.

Love & Truth – a school for married couples to help them discover or to rediscover Christ and the profound meaning of the Sacrament of marriage.

SOS Prayer – a service that provides an anonymous place where people can email prayer requests to a group of prayer warriors.

School of Adoration, a program that teaches adults, youth or children how to adore the Lord. Based on Scripture and teachings of Saints.

School of Charity and Mission, which is a nine-month program designed to teach married couples or young people to learn their faith and go out on mission in their local communities.

Street or door-to-door evangelization.


ESM – Emmanuel School of Mission

This school is a nine-month program devised for young people between the ages of 18-30. Students learn about their faith, live in community (a group of about 20 men and women), prepare and execute parish and school missions and learn to be missionaries in everyday life: our first calling to live out holiness. Currently, the Community runs seven schools of mission throughout the world.


Fidesco is an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that recruits and trains volunteers before sending them for two-year missions to under-served areas of the world.

Retreats at Paray-le-Monial

Paray-le-Monial is one of the main centers of the community located in Bourgogne, France where the community gathers around the year but particularly in the summer to provide retreats for family, youth, couples, children, and other individuals.

World Youth Days

The Emmanuel Community often arranges groups of young people from around the world to travel on pilgrimage to World Youth Days and the Diocesan Days. Please contact the local community to see if any local groups will be attending the next World Youth Days.

Formation of priests & consecrated brothers & sisters

Because the Emmanuel Community is unique in that it welcomes all states of life, we also provide the opportunity for young people to discern the call of consecrated life in celibacy for the Kingdom for both men and women or the priesthood (diocesan) of Jesus Christ for young men.

The internet

The Emmanuel Community runs many projects in the electronic media space, including dedicated music channels on Spotify and Amazon Music, and a video channel on YouTube. For more information, see international websites in corresponding languages.