During this Divine Mercy Retreat at St. Genevieve’s lovely church, I felt very welcomed by familiar and new Emanuel Community members. This experience allowed me to spend some more quality time to think of our Lord and expose myself to His presence.

Elise, HS sophomore

Throughout the Emmanuel Community retreat, I had a nice and peaceful experience. It was nice to be so close to God and the community. This has helped me to have much time to pray to God for other people. I had fun playing with the kids.

Ethan, 8th grade

This Retreat was an enjoyable experience spiritually and socially. Meeting new people and connecting with God is a winning combination!

Brie, HS senior

I had a really good time there, because I got to meet new people who were as crazy as my family.

Simon, 6th grade

The EC Divine Mercy retreat was such a blessing. The whole weekend was a great gift of Mercy. It is difficult to put into words the graces received. God is so good, I personally can testify to the incredible grace I experienced especially in regards to growth in mercy and charisms of the community. By stepping out in faith we received so abundantly. This started as a small inspiration to want to share the graces of the community with a few families here in Philadelphia. Thanks to the EC Washington’s response to our invitation, the special support of Patricia and Michael Figurski, wonderful graces were experienced by all. As I write this my youngest children Jonah (6) and Finian (8) are singing “Come Magnify the Lord with me”: “He does amazing things for me and for you He does the same”, as they are preparing to go to bed.
One final thought. I feel very strongly that we need to continue to pray, meditate and practice the virtue of never criticizing. It is truly the core of living our mission. I believe It is actually the key to welcoming new members. This is how the community will grow as new brothers and sisters feel the judgement free love of members of Emmanuel as lived by EC members.

Stephen, EC-PA

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