Winter was long and wet. Winds, storms and gales, day after day. From the Fall to the early Spring. A weather to sit, and a time to work and pray by the fireside. The stock of firewood was rapidly dwindling. And then,…came the virus! No more delivery was to be expected.

The windy days went on, with no hope of firewood to keep me warm at home.

I entrusted the matter into Saint Joseph’s hands. Was he not, after all, the guardian of the house? He knew how to provide…

As the last logs were burning bright, new logs arrived: a cousin of mine, in confinement too, threw a few dry logs on my lawn. Then another cousin, who also had to stay home, started cleaning out his yard. Soon a crowd of rotting stumps appeared in the driveway. A nephew turned out with an axe, and chopped the heavy chunks for me. And so, little by little, with the fallen branches and pinecones, flung down by the angry winds, a fair amount of firewood came to my doorstep. And I made a pretty heap at the foot of Saint Joseph.

For Joseph knows what you may need, through dire seasons…

By Fr. Dominique de Laforrest

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection, Fr. Dominique! It came at the perfect time. I prayed for St. Joseph’s intercession and within minutes the prayers were answered.

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