It’s time to celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in union with our brothers who will be in Paray-le-Monial (France) this summer.

The devotion to Jesus’ Sacred Heart became deeper for me a few months ago, when I received the grace to understand a little more about Him.

Everything started with a movement of rejection and denial when I saw, again, a picture of Our Creator as an old frowning long-bearded man throwing galaxies from his hand. I hate it. Such a demiurge-architect looks like any pagan cosmic divinity, Jupiter on Mount Olympus or Santa in the clouds, checking regularly how things are for earthlings.

Our Creator is not a potentate sitting up there and throwing worlds from his hands to watch what happens next. He’s not far from His creatures. On the contrary, He is totally present inside each and every one of them. He is creating us now in His eternal Love. Instead of representing God the Creator as we often do, it’s better to picture a burning heart radiating life as light, with closed eyes and protecting hands offering the best of Himself to His creatures. And from His Heart, life goes into our heart, the very place where we can meet Him in the secret of our inner room.

At this point I suddenly realized that the heart of God Our Creator is not different from the heart of Jesus Our Savior. The Creator’s Heart is the Sacred Heart. I was no longer lost trying to understand the devotion to the Sacred Heart: it’s no surprise that He beats and bleeds for us… It’s no surprise that Saint John rested on Jesus’ chest during the Last Supper, listening to His Infinite Love…

It’s no surprise that the Holy Virgin Mary’s heart is beating in unison with Her Divine Baby in her womb, and forever after…

Laure and Maylis (DC)

  1. Your words bring to mind the image of Our Father and Our Lord’s loving heart. Thank you for this fruit of your prayer.

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