Pentecost weekend through the eyes of children

After the weekend in Allentown – all the way back home – our kids couldn’t stop talking about the experience they had had there. We asked them to write down some of the things they were saying, and here they are for all of you to read:

I had a great time. The most I liked was being able to go to Adoration and Mass.

~ Noelle, 10

My favorite part about the whole retreat was definitely the singing. There were so many people that actually put effort in showing their faith in the Catholic religion it was overwhelming. I felt finally truly free. When I was younger, I prayed and went to church only because my parents told me to. Now, I feel like I have a choice. I choose to believe in God. The other people’s singing helped encourage my choice, because earlier I wasn’t so sure about the existence of God. Now, that I am an honest and true believer, I can say I am Catholic without lying about it.

~ Rafal, 12

I liked two things. The first was the diversity of the people during the weekend by our different nationalities. It was rich to pray together.
The second was the time I spent with my dad during the night in adoration (from 2 to 3am). I liked the singing, reading the Bible and speaking with him.

~ Paul, 10

I liked the little kids the most because I got to see what it was like as a big brother. I also liked them the most because you couldn’t be sad if you are in the same room with them. Especially Maxito and Faustine – I got to hear them talk and it was really funny. Maxito didn’t really yell and Faustine is so funny… and like a sunshine. For example at the time when she started dancing at Mass. Also, when she started putting stickers on people. You couldn’t be sad with those two.

~ Simon, 9

I think the best part was the people that were there, the way so many different personalities and ideas and cultures and even languages can come together to create a friendly aura. Everybody was nice, and seriously trying to help others expand their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

~ Mikolaj, 15

Submitted by: Michal (PA)


  1. Rosemary Leblond
    May 23, 2016    

    thanks for taking the time to write this up for us. It is edifying to read.

  2. Colleen
    May 23, 2016    

    Kids always have the best insights! Since the weekend, my children have also adopted “God’s Own Son” as their new favorite song and sing it everywhere.

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