One big happy family in PA!

We are very grateful to all of you who decided to come to Malvern for the World Meeting of Families and the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia. We know you had to go through many obstacles but you came anyway – to help us with the Mercy Night and to spend time with us.

For us it was a wonderful grace and an enormous blessing to have you all in our house. In the beginning we were seriously concerned how this was going to work: how were we going to fit all these people into the limited space in our house? How were we going to feed them? Bring them to Philadelphia and back? It turned out that God took care of everything, and indeed everyone who came to us and wanted to go to Philly – was able to go to Philly – just like we prayed.

Our daily Masses, morning praises together, jokes at the dinner table and evening talks made us feel like one, huge family.
We loved when Pablo walked our son to the bus stop, so that he would not not be late to school; enjoyed the unexpected ‘visitors’ on Friday early morning; ‘Pope and popcorn’ was a great idea…and all the board games we played. What a great time! In the end we were sorry to see everyone go – we wish we could do this more often!

Take a look at a video summary of our time spent together as one big happy family!

Written by: Patricia and Michal (PA)

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  1. THANK YOU for sharing this! What a joy for us to see your faces and hear your praise and laughter, dear brothers and sisters from overseas!! It is good to see who we are praying for – and with. Indeed, times of grace… We may be far apart, but we are so close to you in faith :-)

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