Dear brothers and sisters,

A few weeks ago Pablo, Natalia, and I led the Confirmation class at St. Michael here Gainesville, GA. We introduced the night with “Spirit of God” and then at the end of the night, we sang during a short adoration time.

Before we left for the evening, a young man from the class approached us and told us that he used to go to the youth masses at the Pastoral Center on Thursday nights. He told us how much he loved the music at the masses and how joyful we all were and how joyful the music was. He was touched by it. He said that he was disappointed when the masses were cancelled. It was amazing to us that this boy, in his shyness, took the time to say this to us. He really enjoyed the Emmanuel songs. For Pablo and I, this was the best part of the evening.

We wanted to share this with everyone, wherever you are, in whatever situation you are, because we all put a lot of time and effort into that mission, without much thanks or encouragement. But it is a blessing and a gift to know that we touched at least one person with the effort that we made.

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.
Anne and Pablo

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