Hope in the pear-tree – Fr. Dominique

For a long time,

bare and stiff branches stood

Like dry firewood.

Dark wintry months dragged and went ;

No sign of life on the pear-tree.



And yet we knew :

Days would come and we shall guess

A peep of green on the tips of branches,

Heralding life !



What looked dead was harboring sap ;

Once more,

fresh glorious brooches sprang

From each barren twig.



Who is the Gardener so lovingly at work

To shape the mellow pears

Once the blossom had gone ?


We are the pear-tree, and our lives

Might look bare and barren.

Yet time and divine hands

Work wonders in secret veins.




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  1. Many thanks to my dear brother – Dominique. This poem speaks deeply to my heart.
    Merci cher frère!!
    Waiting for you in Pelham, NY!

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