God’s Mercy!!


God’s Mercy!
This past winter, my mother-in-law was scheduled for surgery at a countryside clinic in Brittany, France . The whole surgery was supposed to last one hour. While she was in the recovery room, her blood pressure suddenly started going down. The doctors rapidly figured out that she had an internal hemorrhage from the procedure. She was brought back into surgery where the doctors reopened the incision even bigger and found the vein which was bleeding, cauterized it and cleaned the blood. By evening, 11 hours after the surgery started, my father-in-law had still not seen his wife and was waiting for the anesthesiologist to give him news. So, hearing of the situation, my husband had one hour to decide what to do. We talked briefly on the phone and both agreed he should go to France. He rushed to take the last evening flight to Europe and, after a long trip, was in Brittany around 6am the following day.

At the clinic, my husband saw his mom and she was very pale. Providentially, he was able to call the local rectory and a priest answered the phone! This holy priest told him he was lucky to have someone pick up the phone, as typically nobody answers the phone on a Saturday morning at the rectory. He agreed to come and meet my husband at his mother’s room. Beautifully, the priest went to the wrong room and after chatting a while with the person there, offered the Sacrament of the sick to the surprised neighbor who accepted! Then, he finally found the right room and was able to hear my mother-in-law’s confession and give her the Sacrament of the sick. After many years away from the sacraments, my mother-in-law was back in the fold to our utmost joy!

We are over joyed by God’s goodness and mercy. In His abundant grace the sacrament was received not only by my mother-in-law who needed it but by another soul as well! Please, join us in praying for this holy priest who came right away.

In Thanksgiving for God’s goodness and mercy!


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