Yesterday evening, we were doing a late spring family project of repainting the deck by the pool. It was such a wonderful time with my two youngest children F., seven, and J., five. We were taking turns scraping the old paint off and wiping down with a rag the dirty areas and sweeping up the chipped paint once all the prep work was done. We moved on to the long-awaited job of painting the deck and J. and F. were so excited to be able to take the little rollers and paint the deck.

After a little while J. got tired of painting and said the paint all over his hands was bothering him so I told him to go in and wash it off. F. commented that J. must be allergic to the paint and then said that he’s not allergic to anything. I said I could think of one thing that he was allergic to. “What’s that?” he asked. And I told him that was sin.  F. said, “Yes, that’s right. I am allergic to sin.” Then he said, “The devil isn’t allergic to sin, in fact he likes it and that is very sad. I hope the next one doesn’t come for a long time,” said F. A little bit confused, I said, “The next what, F?” “The next sin, I hope it doesn’t come for a very long time.”  I was so amazed at the beautiful sensitivity of his innocent little heart; not only is he aware of what sin is and how damaging it can be but he wants it to stay away for a very long time.  His comments really touched me because he understood the reality of living in this world and that sin touches each one of us even though he longed for it to stay away and not come for a long time.

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