From Movie Sets to the Vatican!

Here is a brief testimony about Richard Borgman’s son, Scott and his journey from movie sets to the Vatican. Thank you Scott for saying yes to the call from the Lord. The world is a better place because of your yes!

Source: Catholic News Agency

U.S. priest discusses his journey from movie sets to Vatican work

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — On a movie set in Hollywood, Scott Borgman was hooking a camera to the bottom of a vintage car when he told a fellow key-grip about his decision to go to France and enter the seminary. “He stopped what he was doing, put the tools down, and said, ‘Scott, I think that is the greatest idea I have ever heard.'” Thirteen years later, Father Borgman is the coordinating secretary at the Pontifical Academy for Life, which like other pontifical academies, essentially operates as a Vatican think tank; its members are biomedical experts — academics, doctors, scientists, philosophers and theologians — from all over the world. Father Borgman described the academy as a “consulting arm” for Pope Francis, “a scientific organism for the Holy See. We deal with everything from the beginning [of life] to the end. Over the last two years, our workshops have dealt with end of life care,” he told Catholic News Service. “Our fight is against the idea of a relativistic culture, one that wants to throw away human lives.” Telling his personal story, Father Borgman repeatedly quoted Scripture passages and used saints’ stories to illustrate his points. He attributed that style of speaking to growing up in the Ivory Coast with his parents, Protestant missionaries who used to bribe him and his siblings with chocolate and ice cream to remember Bible verses.

All rights reserved. This article was taken from Catholic News Services NEWS BRIEFS from March 26, 2015.

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