A Thursday night in April. Our household is in charge of organizing an hour of praise and adoration at the St John Paul II Shrine in Washington, DC. We try to be on time. We have songbooks, instruments, paper and pencils to write prayers intentions to be traded in for Bible passages.

Inside the chapel, the walls are covered with extraordinary mosaics, thousands of colored glass fragments shimmering everywhere.

In our hearts, our good will is assailed by extraordinary stress, feelings of unrest and anxiety suddenly appear. Things don’t go the way we expected. We have to follow a rigorous protocol prepared by the Shrine’s liturgist… Where are Life and Freedom in the Spirit to be found?

Thousands of colored glass fragments shimmering everywhere… Our Lord is on the altar in the monstrance… Slowly, unexpectedly, peace and joy come to us at last. Regardless of our plans and frustrations, He loves us and is at work. He takes us by surprise.

Our household is scheduled to go back to St John Paul II Shrine next Thursday for another hour of praise and adoration. In spite of potential hardships, we remember:

Be not afraid.

Thousands of colored glass fragments shimmering everywhere, waiting for us to kneel down and allow Him to do His work…

Laure & Paul (DC)

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  1. Stefania
    May 15, 2018    

    Beautiful reflection always so lyrical, from a talented writer infused with Holy Spirit. A pleasure to read!

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