Community Day in the Snowstorm

January: an interesting Community Day for the PA group.

Jonas, the first heavy snow storm brought icy blizzard and blocked roads, canceled trains and flights – the weekend the PA group had scheduled their monthly meeting. Offices, schools and shops were closed, and churches had reduced attendance. Yet PA Emmanuel Community defeated Jonas, and the PA meeting occurred in time and with the usual joy. With three computers turned on, a skype connection and a Bible, the PA community gathered together in the midst of a blizzard for a time of praying, teaching, praise and sharing. It was a special time of grace!

Who said that the internet is utterly bad? For the PA group, the weekly household has recently changed from the phone to the internet, so webcams have helped in the sharing and praying; cutting the distance between the members.

The PA community is looking forward to their February gathering. Weather will dictate the form: will it be an internet or a traditional meeting?


Stephania (PA)


  1. Rosemary
    February 8, 2016    

    It was indeed a grace filled Community time!

    • dominique
      April 19, 2016    

      beautiful images of peace and simple joy !

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