Recently, we had the opportunity to witness one of the Lords quiet marvels. While on holidays with our brother, who happens to be a priest, we were able to have a time of adoration at our cabin, which lies in the northern Boreal forest. With a little ingenuity and shuffling of furniture, we were able to construct a “chapel”. Our “chapel”, happened to be our screened porch. The room has many large screened windows that look out into the forest. It is a very peaceful room and on a warm summer day it is the perfect setting for contemplating the Beauty of God through His creation in nature, safely away from the mosquitoes. From inside the room we could easily hear the sounds of nature; birds singing, flies buzzing, the wind blowing gently in the leaves.

As we were bowed in worship before the Lord, we couldn’t help but hear and then see a little brown squirrel scampering from tree to tree and branch to branch, chattering to himself and for that matter, anyone who might be listening, giving the impression that this was his territory and he was quite ready to defend it. A rather busy, noisy little soul!

Now the branches from the spruce trees outside the room are very near to the cabin and our little furry friend came very close to the screen and stopped and sat, making himself impossible for us to ignore. He quickly became very quiet and focused, looking directly on the Blessed Sacrament. The monstrance was positioned in such a way the Blessed Sacrament could be seen from inside and outside the room. We looked at each other to affirm we were actually seeing what we where seeing!

At first I thought the little fellow was just passing by on his many excursions around the property, and I expected he would scurry off quickly as they usually do, but I was wrong! He sat for quite awhile then he slowly began to stretch himself prostrate onto the branch. He stopped his chatter. He stopped fidgeting with his paws. He was mesmerized by the Holy site within the cabin! He was adoring the Lord too!! He just lay there, perfectly still, little eyes focused on the Blessed Sacrament. It was amazing. He stayed in that position for a long time, close to 5 minutes! It was not a mistake, he was adoring! Yes, we all saw this little miracle. It was so wonderful and unexpected, a rare gift concretely showing the power of the Presence of God, a creature acknowledging his Creator. And then, just as suddenly as it began, he was off romping through the forest once again and we were all able to marvel in joy and silence the gift we had just witnessed.

Diane & Doug (SK)

  1. Thy kingdom come! Beautiful sharing which brings back memories of active children stopping their play to adore Jesus in Paray-le-Monial.

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