Here is just a little inspiration from our brother and sister, Thao and Truong, in Houston, TX. Through their faithfulness, prayer and dedication to not give up, they have recently expanded their household from two to five. They have been meeting weekly all the while continuing their prior commitment to a phone household with other brothers and sisters in other areas of Texas.

We truly are grateful to them for not giving up hope and persevering in finding others to pray with and introduce to the charisms of Emmanuel. It is witnesses like this that can give us the little nudge we need to move forward and look around us and pray: “Lord, send us brothers and sisters to pray with!” God is faithful; all in His time!

In the pictures you will also note that they spent a time of retreat (two days) getting to know each other better and praying for one another.

Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Houston and let us join all of our brothers and sisters who are alone in their journey.

Submitted by: Truong and Thao (TX)

  1. What a beautiful and strong testimony to faithfulness and stepping out in trust! And to have a retreat together, what a beautiful gift!

  2. So inspiring and at the same time a blessing to see one of these news. No matter the amount of people but the amount of love that is put into each encounter !!!
    I met Thao in Manila for our missionary year in ESM !!!
    May God continue to bless !!! Courage!!!
    The big Brazilian hug

    Everton – Emmanuel Community Brazil

  3. So nice to know that Emmanuel continues on this Continent. I was a member of Emmanuel in Paris from almost the time it began until I left France, years, 1972 to 1978. It was a wonderful expeience. I know Pierre Goursat and Martine, Bishop Albert de Mouleon, O.P., then Pere de Mouleon, O.P. I would love to have a copy of Pierre Goursat’s book as offered on your website. Maybe some day we shall meet

  4. Thanks for sharing, Thao. I met her during the time in ESM Manila and she was my roomate during English class. I am happy to see your courage to share your faith with others in Huston,while you were alone. Small act of faith giving you inspiration for others. You are not alone anymore because you have brother and sister arround you, esspecially in household.
    Keep courage and continue your mission to bring the Emmanuel, my sister!!!

    United in prayer,
    Angela Susanti
    Emmanuel Community Indonesia

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