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Emmanuel Community Music

Emmanuel Community is world-famous for its music. Large selection of Emmanuel songs is easily accessible on internet through services like iTunes, Amazon Music or Spotify. In this post we would like to gather links and resources, so they are readily available for all. In English Mutliple CDs have been produced in English, and 2 most […]

From Babel, with love

It’s good to remember that the Emmanuel Community was born in France from an American seed. A nice beginning. Today French brothers and sisters who travel around the world always come back happily to Paray-le-Monial, where they sing and praise the Lord in French with those nice songs from the green songbook. Others stay in […]

New songs are being translated

Music is a big part of our community life, what with our call to daily praise, our shared experience of Mass at community gatherings, and praise in our households. To foster a spirit of praise and build a sense of community identity, the Lord has blessed the Emmanuel Community with many talented song writers and […]