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The Joy of Mission

During Lent, we remember to pray for our missionaries across the globe…and especially for Luke and Katie, who went with FIDESCO to serve our brothers in Manila.

A Happy Encounter

This is a example of the Holy Spirit’s timing! This unplanned gathering at the Domus,…

A welcome home!

The Twin Cities brothers and sisters will be having a “Welcome Home” Party on Saturday,…


Fidesco USA hosted a discernment weekend at Fr Thomas Petrillo’s parish (a priest of the…

Mission in Gainesville, GA

I am here to radically love each person God puts in my path each day. This is done by learning to become their servant. This is something very challenging, thus it is only God that can do this in me; this way, I can bring his presence, his love, his understanding to where there is suffering, lack of hope, and injustice.

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