Welcoming little Kolbe to the Church

On August 5th, the Twin Cities community was pleased to join two of its members, Tom and Heather Triplett, at the baptism of their fourth son, Kolbe Joseph Triplett. The baptism was presided over by their parish priest, Fr. Nathan LaLiberte, in the same church Heather and Tom were married in only 9 1/2 months earlier. The couple thought it was very fitting to have their child baptized where they were married as it is a visible sign of the continuity between the marriage rite and the promises made in it, and the act of bringing one’s child into the Church through baptism.

Current and past EC brothers and sisters from the local area were in attendance. Fr. Kevin Manthey assisted Fr. Nathan with the baptism and the Kane family helped with the music (Breathe on Me, By the Spirit He Gives to Us, and Tell the Nations added to the festivity of the rite and gave an EC flair to the rite). Katy Jantscher, previously O’Brien, was the godmother and the Lichty family added their five boys and one daughter to the mix of kids.

After the baptism rite, the Triplett’s welcomed everyone to their house for a lunch reception. It was a great joy for them to see their friends and family mingling together so well, and to see current and past brothers and sisters reconnecting with each other. They are hopeful that this chance to reconnect and share about the EC will result in another couple being added to one of this year’s households. We are praying!

There were lawn games, conversations on the deck and in the house, and kids, kids, kids everywhere! Fr. Kevin was the last to leave, which gave Tom and Heather a chance to hear about his recent canoeing excursion with the EC in Canada along the Bishop’s Trail. Hopefully a blog post has been added about that or will be soon.

Written by Heather (MN)


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