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It was with great joy that our youngest child was baptized over Divine Mercy weekend. We remarked at the light pouring through the stained glass window which shows the Sacred Heart revealed to St. Margaret Mary because Baptism is an amazing gift of God’s mercy.

Those in attendance were also able to pass through the Jubilee Holy Door which is open in celebration of the 800th Anniversary of the Mercedarian Order who serve our parish. Curious, the baby’s Godmother asked our pastor to tell her more about the Mercedarian Order. She lives in another state and, years ago, she had picked up a prayer card from the vestibule of another church because she liked the prayer for vocations written on it. The¬† card said it was from the Mercedarians, and while she didn’t know any Mercedarian communities, for twenty years, she has been praying this prayer daily for vocations and for the vocation of the priest pictured on the card. She showed the card to the pastor who was surprised, because it was his picture on the card!¬†These are just some of the signs that the Holy Spirit has been guiding us on our new journey here in Ohio.

Submitted by Jim and Colleen (OH)


  1. Rosemary
    April 16, 2018    

    Welcome to the family, dearest babe! Congratulations to all the Pepin family members!

  2. Laure QUESNEL
    April 16, 2018    

    Thank you for sharing and God bless your family in your new life!

  3. Eva (Boston)
    April 23, 2018    

    Congratulations Jim and Colleen! We miss you in Boston! God bless your family!

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