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Antonia center front (in white)

The Twin Cities community welcomed Antonia Holstein a few weeks ago for their quarterly community gathering. In addition to sharing her testimony she also shared her call to consecrated life in the Emmanuel Community and the Fraternity of Jesus. Since there are no sisters living in Minneapolis  (or the U.S.) they were delighted with her sharing and learned that the majority of the sisters in the Community live out their consecration by holding jobs in the world.

Mass is always a part of community days

Although the majority live in the world the brothers and sisters of the community serve as the ‘walls’ of these consecrated sisters andit would be unimaginable to have the sisters living apart from the community. As a lay married couple, if they leave the community, they would still be married, as priests would still be priests if they left the community, but consecrated brothers and sisters literally give their life to the call of the community and to evangelization.

A meal is also shared together.
A meal is also shared together.

On Sunday, Saint Stephen’s parish hosted Antonia at it’s monthly potluck. Antonia spoke again about the the importance of consecrated life and how the Pope has opened the year of consecrated life to celebrate the way of living the life of heaven here on earth.

Time to enjoy each others  company
Time to enjoy each others company

David Neira, a brother who has spent six months in Brazil, also visited during this time and join the brothers and sisters for this gathering. It was a joy to have him present.


Written by: Andrew (MN)

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