Twin cities is thrice blessed!


Fr. Andrew (left – ordained last year), Fr. Kevin (center – ordained May 31, 2014) and Fr. Joseph (right – ordained in 2002)

After May 31 of this year, the Twin Cities boasts three Emmanuel Priests. Just to think that only a few years back Fr. Joseph (above right) was all alone on this mission of bringing Emmanuel to this area of the United States.

It all began with an encounter between Fr. Thierry Quelquejay from France and Fr. Joseph. The joy of praise and the fire of evangelization that he saw in Fr. Thierry soon infused Fr. Joseph and prompted him to inquire more about this community that had up until recently only existed in a few other cities in the U.S. From there, the rest is history, as they say.

Laurent Landete, moderator of the International Emmanuel Community, was present for Fr. Kevin’s ordination just a few weeks ago and had this to say this at the presence of all three brother priests: “They are a wonderful testimony of joy, faith, fraternal charity … and hope for the Church.”┬áHe attended the ordination with his wife Christel. “With Christel we were deeply moved to see this with our own eyes. The celebration after the ordination was very touching: a permanent reminder of the graces our priests and lay brothers of the Community live. Frankly, if I was not a member of the community, I would have had the desire to to enter it right away!”

At the entrance of the reception hall, after Fr. Kevin’s ordination, was a small sampling of photographs and texts on the Community and Pierre Goursat. “We can attest, it’s really 100% of the graces of the Emmanuel Community that are being lived here! We are so happy to share in this.”

The Lord has been generous to the brothers and sisters of Minnesota. We would like to encourage all brothers and sisters every where to pray for more vocations for the EC-USA and to pray for more hearts to be captured by the graces of Adoration – Compassion – Evangelization that the Church is in so much need in our country today.



  1. Marilys
    June 15, 2014    

    We are so blessed! Thank you Lord!

  2. Marilys
    June 15, 2014    

    Happy Fathers’ Day!

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