Merry Christmas from a cold and snowy Minnesota! We hope your Christmas celebrations are filled with the peace and joy given to us from the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

As you may know, the Community in Minnesota has been blessed with a brother and a sister that are discerning consecrated life in the Community: David Neira and Therese Miller. Therese will soon be leaving us to spend two years in France, to begin her formation with the sisters. We write to you today on Therese’s behalf.

The Statues of the Emmanuel Community tell us that those receiving the grace for celibacy for the Kingdom receive “the grace to give themselves completely for the Kingdom, thus making themselves more completely available for Adoration, compassion and evangelization. In order for Therese to give herself completely to her formation and mission she must first be free of the debt she received while a student. She has been working towards this, with the help of the Laboure Society, for the past two years. She has been fundraising to pay off her debt but also working full-time and remaining dedicated to her prayer life and other commitments with the Community. If you do not know Therese, I can tell you that she’s a beautiful witness to the mercy and love of Jesus and a real gift as a sister to us here locally. This work of fundraising, as Therese can tell you, has been a burden, yet it has been one she has shouldered bravely and joyfully, with great trust in the Lord and His plan for her life – even if at times it is very much not what she wants to do, she does it because of her concrete call to Emmanuel and towards consecrated life.

Therese needs your help! Her fundraising for the year is coming to an end very quickly, but her debt is not paid off. If she cannot raise the remaining funds needed, she will have to work again with Laboure in the coming year to work towards this goal. While Therese would again bear the burden of fundraising on top of all she is doing it has taken a toll on her, and as her sister I can see the great benefit of this financial burden to be taken away to allow her more time with the Lord and in her discernment towards consecrated life with the Community.

Can you help her? She has $31,000 left to raise. The fundraising page link is here:

If you cannot financially contribute please, please pray for her and pray that the right people will be able to give to Therese to take away the burden of her debt and the burden of continued fundraising. Also, pray for peace for Therese in whatever way the Lord wants to take care of the burden of her debt. Jesus, we trust in You!


Patrick and Jacqueline Kane
Emmanuel Community, Minnesota

  1. Dear David Neira and Therese Miller, the Lord has greater things for you. Continue serving Him with the whole of your hearts for His love endures for ever.
    We will continue praying for you until something beautiful and nice happens.
    From: Francis Onyambu of Emmanuel Community in Kenya – Africa.

    1. Therese Miller be encouraged that what God has started , HE will surely accomplish IT!! be encouraged that He will make a way!! You are in my prayers. Together we are strong.

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