The Graces of Mission (MN)

ESM and Alpha Young Adult
The Emmanuel School of Mission (Rome)

The Twin Cities Emmanuel Community just experienced a powerful time of mission together with the presence of the Emmanuel School of Mission from Rome. This school of 18 young adults from all around the world spent over a week with our local Community sharing their love of Jesus Christ and His Church. I would say that the two main graces of this time were in the mission and in the gift of community:

Firstly, the missionary activities were many: evangelizing in two local schools (Risen Christ and St. Ambrose of Woodbury), ministering to host families, daily street evangelization, adoration, praise, and a week-long mission for the Church of St. Stephen’s in south Minneapolis. During this parish mission, the ESM team spoke to all the Masses, met with the youth group, the young adult group, assisted a parish-wide Night of Healing and Mercy Night and lead Confirmation young adult Alpha retreats.

NIght of Healing Team 2
Praise team

After so many months of planning, it was awe-inspiring to see the Lord move in such powerful ways during this time. Seeing the life-changing encounters that occur when the Lord Jesus is invited, for the first time or in a deeper way, into a soul is simply beyond words!

Night of Healing Team

Secondly, the experience of community between the local members and the missionaries was powerful! Otherwise perfect strangers from all around the world and with different native languages and backgrounds coming together as brothers, sisters, and friends around the joy of the Gospel! Many of us were surprised that we all had only known each other for only a few days because these connections were so strong. These relationships, having their source in the Lord and in the graces of the Emmanuel Community, are a gift that we all have received as brothers and sisters. Please keep the ESM Rome in your prayers as they continue their mission in the USA.


Written by: David (MN)

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