The Final Week of Advent: “Emmanuel- God with us”

“They shall name him Emmanuel, which means, God is with us.” (Matthew, 1:23)

Today’s Gospel announces the coming of Jesus the “Saviour of our sins” to Joseph and names Jesus as Emmanuel, God-with-us.  The angel reveals to Joseph that God  already loves us fully and unconditionally, whether or not we deserve it, and will always love us. The name asserts the complete deity of Jesus Christ but also the Divine presence among His people. Jesus is true God and true man, a God who wants to be with us despite our sins. This passage resonates with the end of Matthew’s Gospel when Jesus again promised to remain with us to the end of the world (Matthew 28:20).
Being part of the Emmanuel Community is to live the daily mission to have God with us through adoration, evangelization, compassion. Amidst of our daily difficulties, challenges and unhappiness, we should remember the faithfulness  of name of Jesus, Emmanuel. Emmanuel reminds us of the promise of Heaven and the eternal Salvation. Sing an Emmanuel song to Jesus, the Emmanuel. Pray to Emmanuel.  Think of what Jesus is with you. Trust His protection. Meditate and rejoice in what He is doing in your life. He is your courage and strength. Most of all, be glad and rejoice! God has sent his Jesus His Son to us forever. Emmanuel is in you now and always.


Written by: Stefania (PA)

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