Two young people from the Emmanuel Community in North America are preparing for an upcoming year of mission and formation. Read Nancy’s story below and David’s story here. We ask you to keep them both in your prayers this year and to consider supporting them financially. The Emmanuel Community will match your donation amount.  You can donate through this site using the “donate button,” or contact pepinfamily @ for the address to send a check. Please remember to write a memo who it is for. Thank you! 

“My name is Nancy. I was born and raised in Kigali Rwanda; my family and I moved to the U.S. in 2004. My parents have been members of the Emmanuel Community since my siblings and I were very young. Growing up in the EC, I felt a natural calling from the Lord to make my first step of  welcome discernment at the age of 16.   I always knew, from a young age, I was home in the Emmanuel Community no matter where I was and that I would keep it, its charisms and fruits close to my heart and use it as a path to the Heart of Jesus. I have made my step of commitment to the community for a year now. For the past 2 years since graduating university and earning my Registered Nurse license, I have been working in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  As happy as I am with my career, something else has been calling me for many years.

I don’t remember the first time I heard anything about the Emmanuel Schools of Mission but I remember always saying that one day I would go. That day has come, although I know that the Lord can work in me no matter which school I attend, I feel a call to the mission in Manila which I can’t deny. Having given me heart to serve those who are in physical poverty, the Lord has shown me many times that that is where He has called me to serve and to grow deeper in His Mercy. In September I will begin my 9 month formation in the Philippines, more than anything else I ask you, my brothers and sisters to pray for me, the other ESM students and the team and for the mission in Manila. Any donation made will go towards my tuition and towards the mission itself.

Thank you and God bless you.”


Discover more about ESM Manila: 

  1. Hi Nancy! I’m so happy that you are doing this year of mission! Knowing of my prayers for you from France during this time.

    United in Pray!

  2. Hola Nancy!

    WOW!!! This is a great news! :D
    Last year during our pilgrimage to Czestochowa, you were sharing about your interest in doing the ESM… and now you will experience it very soon! I found LOVE Himself in ESM Manila, I hope you’ll find HIM too!

    I can’t wait to see you here in Manila!
    United in prayers! <3

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