November 12, 2016, was an historic day for the Emmanuel Community in America and a great joy for the local community in Minnesota. Therese Miller made her first formal step towards Consecrated Life in Emmanuel, the Step of Welcome. She became the first American to do so, preparing to join the nearly 200 women worldwide committed in celibacy for the Kingdom in the heart of the Emmanuel Community.

We honored Therese with a beautiful Communion meditation by Autumn, a spiritual bouquet from brothers and sisters near and far, personal words of affirmation, and a song of praise rewritten to apply to Therese’s nascent vocation:

Oh Therese, you’ve drawn close to the Lord,t-step-disc-3
You have listened to his whispers of love,
You have given your heart to his will,

On this day, we are called to proclaim:
Jesus’ love is triumphant over death!
By his cross he has won us new life!


In the opening collect of the Mass, we prayed that “we, too, may be strengthened by the same Spirit and not be afraid to lay down our life for others.”

Congratulations, Therese!


If you’d like to see an interview with Therese, read more about her vocation story and donate to support her and others preparing for religious vocations, please visit:


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