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The July/August issue of “He is Alive”, the magazine of the Emmanuel Community, offers a special issue on Pierre Goursat entitled “Simply Pierre Goursat”.  Laurence Lauvencourt (Associate Editor) and Christophe Roger (Graphic designer) explain why.

Why have you chosen to devote en entire issue to the founder of the Emmanuel Community?

Laurence: On August 15, 2014, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pierre Goursat. Rather than doing a special issue on his life (there are already a lot of great books on this subject), we chose to shed light on some of his most impacting words so as to present Pierre in a very vivid way.  Furthermore, this issue has been designed so that we may all move further along the path of our love for God and others through Pierre’s example. It will make a great companion to carry around.

What inspired you on this issue of Pierre Goursat as a graphic designer?

Christophe: This project was a chance for me to stop and reflect on the teachings of Pierre Goursat (with which I was not familiar). It was also an opportunity to try and obtain the best variety of graphics that would be read and understood. I carry with me Pierre’s invitation to move forward every day in faith and to remember that the Holy Spirit is alive and well; that He may use us and set our hearts on fire and give us new life.

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