Ready for World Youth Day 2013?

World Youth Day 2013Are you all ready for World Youth Day (WYD) 2013 in Rio, Brazil? If you haven’t thought about just yet, here is your chance to start. If you are already planning on going, then let us help you.

We invite you to join the Emmanuel community during WYD Rio from July 23-28, 2013.

The community has a myriad of activities to choose from plus you will be with people who have experienced leading groups of young people since the very first World Youth Day!

Join young people from all over the world as they experience a meeting of a lifetime. Come discover that the Catholic Church is alive, young and on fire.

For more information, please visit our Youth on Mission website at:

A U.S.A. Emmanuel community WYD coordinator will be elected soon so that you may have more detailed information if you would like to come with us or bring your group along with us.

See you in Rio!

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