Pre WYD forum in Czestochowa

Youth Forum

This week more that 4,000 young people, traveling to World Youth Day with the Emmanuel Community, have gathered for a four day forum in Czestochowa, the famous pilgrimage site in the south of Poland. They will spend 4 days praying, learning and celebrating their faith together before joining millions of others at World Youth Day in Krakow.

Gabriel Leblond and Mikolaj Figurski traveled together to Czestochowa to meet the Emmanuel Community group from Quebec. They will remain with these Canadians for the Forum there and the World Youth Days in Krakow.

Let us pray for all of these young people that they will encounter the Lord in a new way during this pilgrimage.

You can see some video clips of the joy of praise at the forum here and here.


  1. Laure Quesnel
    July 23, 2016    

    We are with them, deeply rejoicing and praising the Lord!

  2. Colleen
    July 23, 2016    

    WYD is such an exciting time! We will be praying for all the young pilgrims and their chaperones.

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