For the third year, the Emmanuel Community of Boston gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving together. This year, we were lucky to welcome more priests at our table, including Father Andre from Boston College who celebrates the French mass at St Peter of Cambridge every month, a seminarian from Haiti who should be ordained next June, a priest from Cameroon, Father Augustin, currently Parochial Vicar at St Mary’s church in Winchester, MA, and finally Father Sean Maher. It was such a blessing to be able to share this special moment with them, especially for those living far from their families.

Some of the guests – Virginie and Roch came from France for a year with their 3rd of 4 children – it was their first Thanksgiving! They were grateful for this opportunity to discover this wonderful tradition of gratitude to God and to each other. Naturally, after enjoying the turkey, we asked everyone around the dinner table to express their thanks for the blessings received throughout the past year. It took a little while as we were 22 all together! What were we most grateful for? Our families, our children, our life in America, the food, and simply the grace of faith which gathered us.

Most of the guests were not American. But we all cherished this unique tradition of Thanksgiving that brings families, friends, neighbors, priests, communities, such as our brothers and sisters of the Emmanuel Community of Boston, together and offers us a time to share a profound thanks for blessings and gifts received from our loving and generous God.

Ingrid (MA)

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