Pope Francis met 500 members of the Emmanuel Community

This Saturday, April 7, in the Vatican’s Sala Clementina, Pope Francis met with 500 members of the Emmanuel Community taking part in an annual meeting in Rome.

This audience took place at the end of the annual priestly meeting of the priests of the Community during the Easter octave, the first meeting since the Emmanuel Community Association was established on August 15, 2017. 500 members of the the Emmanuel Community were present during this audience including 3 bishops, a hundred priests, a dozen deacons, about 30 consecrated in celibacy (men and women), and more than 300 lay members, single and families, with nearly 50 children. A beautiful assembly representative of the communion of the states of life lived in the Emmanuel Community.

All continents were represented with members of Emmanuel from, among others, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, United States, Brazil, Peru, Rwanda, Cameroon, Benin, Germany, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and France.

Read (and listen to) a full report on the official Vatican News website.

Below is the full text of the Address of the Holy Father to the members of Emmanuel Community. Official link to Vatican Press Bulletin is here.

Read also the Address to his Holiness Pope Francis by the moderators of the Community.

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