“Lord, it is good that we are here. If you wish, I will make three tents here, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” (Mt. 17:4)

Peter, James, and John wanted to stay with Jesus who had been transfigured. They did not want the experience to end. This is kind of how it feels after spending time with brothers and sisters. The feeling of community is so beautiful.

During the holiday weekend, between July 4-7 several community brothers and sisters and their children came together to bring petitions to Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin. It was a time of great grace and joy.

In all, we were 12 children and 14 adults; two priests and one consecrated brother. We gathered on the fourth of July some coming from as far away as Wyoming and Slovenia! On July 5th, the anniversary of the death of the visionary Sr. Adele Brise, we made our pilgrimage in the blazing heat to this small and simple Shrine where Our Lady has been known to grant many graces.

Here we received again our call to go and evangelize just like Sr. Adele did directly from Our Lady. We pondered on the miracle of the Peshtigo Fire and realized that Our Lady always makes her mark and the greatest gift we can ask is for her to make her mark in our own lives and on our hearts.

It is no coincidence that the whole weekend was simple and informal. Just as the Shrine, and Our Lady’s ways of simplicity, we feel that many graces were received in such a simple gathering where we not only prayed, praised and celebrated Mass each day but also shared meals, visited the shore and other sights.

Here is what some brothers and sisters had to say:

“It was such a blessing to have a number of our brothers and sisters come to Wisconsin-The Lang’s Home State! There were so many grace-filled moments. Our boys loved the camping at Bay Shore County Park just up the road from the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help! The gathering with other children, having Mass overlooking the Bay at dusk and the campfires are a few of our family’s highlights! Merci to everyone!” Amy Lang (WI).

“It was such a blessing to discover this beautiful Shrine to Our Lady right here in our own backyard. Looking forward to both making the pilgrimage again and learning more about Our Lady of Good Help, the Belgian immigrant Sr. Adele Brise and the incredible Peshtigo fire that destroyed practically everything in the area except this chapel.” David Miller (MI)

“It was a great grace to be together as a community at the peaceful Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help on the anniversary of Adele Brise’s death and to receive our Lady’s message of encouragement and her call to evangelize, to teach the children and to help them grow in faith.” Fr. Kevin (MN)

“This is a real place of grace and simplicity. It is a perfect place for the community to gather as Our Lady’s call to Sr. Adele’s, just like ours, was to go and evangelize. The beauty of being together in a simple way visiting, eating meals and praying together was really powerful. I am so glad we took time out from our summer to do this. I look forward to gathering with more brothers and sisters next year!” Alejandra Correa-Miller (MI)

STAY TUNED FOR 2020’S PILGRIMAGE/VACATION DATES! We look forward to sharing these graces with all of you next year.

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  1. This is very exciting to read: a simple gathering of those who could attend and lots of joy!
    Thanks for sharing this joy through the post.

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