Last Sunday, PA had their monthly Community Day. It was a joyful and prayerful day of gathering, with plenty of laughs, good food, and faith sharing. The climax was “Praying the rosary“, a teaching video by Richard and Danelle Borgman.

The video offers an inspiring reflection how the rosary can become the vibrant center of our daily life. In their engaging video, Richard and Danelle Borgmans tackle practical common questions: Is the rosary an outdated devotion? When can we find time? What if we tried in the past and always failed to pray it? What if we don’t like it? What is we get distracted?

Richard and Danelle offer suggestions and encouragement to overcome any challenges about the rosary. While praying the rosary is simple, meditating may be utterly challenging. Their inspiring reflections help to make the rosary a continuous and spontaneous dialogue with our Lord through the heart of Mary. This video should not be missed!

Stefania (PA)

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