One Priest, nine years and four peacocks

For our Household (here in Boston) on May 23rd, Father Sean suggested that we could have Mass together, as he had a special intention on that day. His intention was kept a secret until mass started after a joyful praise and Father Sean told us it was his 9th ordination anniversary.

So in the humble setting of our house, among the children’s drawing of peacocks (does that have a spiritual meaning?) we had the grace to welcome the Lord in His Holy Sacrament.

This was a strong and joyful moment for us.

I have always felt how beautiful consecrated life is, how strong a testimony of the Kingdom of God already present on earth. How strong a reminder of the fact that whatever path we follow, we were created for God, and our hearts can feel no rest until they rest in Him.

It was very moving to be associated to this celebration. We prayed specifically for the men who will be ordained to priesthood this year and for consecrated friends and members of our families.

After Communion we took a moment to adore the Lord.

Please join us in prayer for our priests and consecrated brothers and sisters, in the Community and elsewhere.

Eva (MA)


  1. Rosemary
    May 29, 2018    

    Thank you, Jesus, for Father Sean’s call to the priesthood! Thank you for dear sisters and brothers who could celebrate this 9th anniversary with him.

  2. June 6, 2018    

    What a beautiful way to celebrate that anniversary together! Thanks God for father Sean! You are truly blessed to have him. UIP

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