News from Minneapolis/St. Paul!

January 2013
Here are just a few of our brothers and sisters from St. Paul on a day of mission!
On December 1 the brothers and sisters in the Twin Cities had a mission in a hip part of Minneapolis called Uptown. We sang advent and Christmas carols on the sidewalk as slow traffic and pedestrians passed by. A small group was singing and others were paired up by two to meet the people. It was a good location because of all the hiptsers, bus riders and college students. We got a warm response by the people, who smiled as they drove by or rolled down their windows to enjoy the free concert.

Now, as we begin the new year we will have plenty to share with you for 2013!

We say goodbye to our wonderful brother and sister, Anne and Thibaut de Solages as they prepare to move to Canada. We will miss you and the kids dearly. May God bless your new mission and your new home!

October 2012

Just a quick update from the Minnesota community. We had our second community weekend this past weekend where Kevin Manthey (seminarian for the community) and Therese Miller both made a step of welcome and discernment in the community. Also, our prayer group began last Thursday and is currently meeting weekly but may soon change to bi-weekly.

We entrust all of this to the prayers of the community.

United in prayer,
MN community

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