New North American Advisory Committee

With the re-approval of the new Emmanuel Community statutes, the Community throughout the world is being equipped with Zone (typically continental) Advisory Committees. These Committees will meet once a year to order to give feedback and suggestions to the Community leaders of the mission of the Community in their respective countries. The committee members are of all the different states of life.

From the national advisory committees are elected representatives to the international advisory committee, from which is form the highest levels of governance and organization for the world-wide Community, including those who will be elected to General Moderator, the International Council, and others.

Our newly elected representatives to the international advisory committee are Rosemary Leblond (USA) and Doug Porter (Canada). Pray for them and the others as the process starts for the election of our new Moderator.

Please pray of the members of North American Advisory Committee:
Rosemary Leblond (US), Anne Perez (US), Pablo Perez (US), Fr. Andrew Brinkman (US), David Neira (US), Fr. Kevin Manthey (US), Cesar Inducil (CAN), Fr. Alexandre Julien (CAN), Doug Porter (CAN), Beatrice Gloux (CAN), C├ęcile Charlebois (CAN), Jessye Blouin (CAN).

David (FR)


  1. Michal
    May 1, 2018    

    Congratulations to all the newly elected advisory committee members. I am praying for you!

  2. Colleen
    May 12, 2018    

    We are praying for you. Thank you for your service.

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