New household in Wisconsin

We here – in Wisconsin are blessed with Community! Having our brother from Brazil- Sergio, here on a post-doc, we are meeting together every two weeks or so on a Sunday afternoon in Madison or Janesville. Together we are learning new songs, enjoying a meal and sharing of how the Lord has been working in each of our lives.
We are a blessed and thankful little Maisonnee in Wisconsin.

Amy (WI)


  1. Rosemary
    May 8, 2018    

    This is a step out in faith!
    What a grace to be three or more gathered in His name.

  2. Eva (Boston)
    May 10, 2018    

    Thank you so much for this testimony. It is not our number, but our faith and our fraternal love that matter! Sometimes we get discouraged and your testimony is helpful!

  3. Gilles
    May 10, 2018    

    Maisonnée ? What’s the English equivalent of Maisonnée ?

  4. lafforest
    May 12, 2018    

    Jesus is happy to hear your voices praising His Father so faithfully !

  5. Colleen
    May 12, 2018    

    Praise God! We’re praying for you.

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