The mandate of the previous Council of the Fraternity of Jesus having come to an end, the General Moderator just recently appointed the new Council of the Fraternity, composed of the following 9 members:

  • Yvonne-Solange N’Garambé, Rwandese
  • Sophie Mouquin, French
  • Jean-Marc Bahans, French
  • Michael Stoelinga, Dutch
  • Claire Pécout, French
  • Giovanni Morini, Italian
  • Olric de Gélis, French
  • Benoît Guédas, French
  • Martine Catta, French

This appointment is made exceptionally for a period of 3 years instead of 5, to allow the next General Moderator to appoint the Council of the Fraternity of Jesus, two and a half years after his election, as provided in the new version of the Statutes of the Association of the Faithful, article 49.

Watch the General Moderator speak about this event (in French, with English subtitles).

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  1. We congratulate the new council for bring appointed. We therefore will continue praying for you so that they can discharge their dutie and responsibilities bestowed upon them.
    May our Mother Mary help them so our intentions may reach our Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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