Mysteries – DC Community Day

Yeeeees, meeting the brothers and sisters again after a whole long summer! So many things to share, summer memories, family gatherings, travels, kids growing up, bad news, good news…

We open the song books and praise plunges us in the Mystery of Divine Love: the Lord wants to be in our hearts, He is at the center of our gathering, He is the center of our Communion.

Time for lunch: the Mystery of Human Love is embodied in 20 children or so, running around and getting some food from joyful parents, who speak about the others, who could not come.

After lunch, preparing for the new school year: we are called to the mission and planning to answer the call, moved by the Mystery of the Trust our Lord places in us.

The end: while children are still watching a movie (or running around), parents are cleaning up and talking. Conversations are getting deeper, and another Mystery unfolds: in His infinite Goodness, the Lord knows that men and women enjoy fraternal talks according to their centers of interest… And He allows us to enjoy the Mystery of our complementarity, taking time to be united in our specificity.

Laure (DC)

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  1. Rosemary Leblond
    September 12, 2018    

    It was a blessing to be together and we look forward to welcoming others, too.

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