Minnesota commences community year

The Minnesota community gathered for our first Emmanuel Community day of the season this past Sunday.  We had praise, a discussion about the plan for the year, Adoration, Mass, and lunch together.  What a joy to be back together with brothers and sisters after the summer, to share our hopes, questions and ideas for this year of mission and time together!

Our missions this year will be a continuation of the marriage mission from last year; a school of St. Paul with a group of young adults from St. Stephen’s parish in Minneapolis; and a mission of intercessory prayer for the community.  We are also looking forward to a few longer overnight community weekends where we’ll share more time together and welcome some community members from outside the country to give some teachings.

God bless. More news to come!

Written by: Bridget (MN)

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  1. October 11, 2014    

    So great to hear from you guys! Wish we live closer :)

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