Mercy, the newest Emmanuel Community worship and praise CD in English, has just been released. Check out the trailer on the Community’s YouTube channel:

You can download Mercy on your favorite music platform, just look for the keywords “Mercy Emmanuel Community”. Also, underneath the video are the direct links to the CD on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon. (Click on “SHOW MORE” underneath the video on the YouTube site to expand the text and see the links.)

  1. DEAR FRIENDS, i DO LOVE MY EMMANUEL COMMUNITY FROM PARIS. What a great surprise to hear from you. It has been a while since I signed up with you all. How is your Community growing.

    Do you ever see Martine Lafitte, or Herve her husband? I miss you all.

    How is Pierre Goursat’s Cause advancing along. Love to know.

    Do you have any Praise Worship CD’s in French?

    Much Love, Prayers and Praise.

    J. Angele (Agnez as I am known to Paris Prayer Group. Is it still alive, and all my friends form 1972 to 1978?

    Do let me know how I can contact them.

  2. Hello together!

    I love the new album “Mercy”!
    Is it planned to post a lyric video of one or more songs from the CD on youtube?
    If not, is it allowed to do so?

    Thank you for your reply?

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