Lynx officially Emmanuel Community seminarian

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is with great joy that we announce to you that our brother seminarian, Lynx J.M. Soliman, of the Archdiocese of Newark in New Jersey, has been officially recognized as a seminarian of the Emmanuel Community by the Archbishop of Newark, Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R. His Eminence graciously welcomed the Emmanuel Community to the Archdiocese and was very open to Lynx’s future ministry as a priest of the Emmanuel Community.

After meetings with the Cardinal and the Seminary Rector, Lynx will continue his priestly formation as a diocesan priest, in the charisms of the Emmanuel Community. Msgr. Thomas Petrillo of Larchmont has been charged with Lynx’s formation in the Community and it is in the parish of Saints John & Paul where Lynx has been assigned his pastoral assignment in the coming year. If God wills it, we look forward to Lynx’s ordination to the Diaconate on May 19, 2019. Let us remain united in prayer for Lynx and the new mission territory that the Lord has opened in the Archdiocese of Newark for the Emmanuel Community.

Alejandra (MI)


  1. Laure Quesnel
    September 7, 2018    

    Joy joy joy, so much deep joy!

  2. Debby Kruszewski
    September 7, 2018    

    This is so exciting! Looking forward to being a part of our SJP community!!

  3. Rosemary Leblond
    September 7, 2018    

    Oh happy day! This is such a blessing for all.

  4. Juan
    September 7, 2018    

    Amazing news! Praise the Lord and thank you for your yes, brother. I am entering Mass right now so you are in my prayers. God bless you.

  5. Hortense B Gatera
    September 8, 2018    

    How amazing our Lord Is!

  6. Charles Rochas
    September 8, 2018    

    This is exciiiiiiitiiiiiing news!
    Congratulations Lynx!

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