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On June 21, at the Church of the Holy Trinity in New York City, Rasaan Hakiem Bourke, who recently joined a household (Emmanuel Community weekly gathering) in Larchmont, NY, and Diana Durantel, friend of the Community from the same area, joined their artistic talents to offer a performance and exhibition, a delectable mix of visual beauty and auditory inspiration.

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Rasaan Hakiem Bourke

The Renaissance Chamber Collaborative, founded by Rasaan who is also the Artistic Director, held a recital last Saturday featuring the music of Mussorgsky, Gabrieli and Elgar. Rasaan played the organ which was beautifully accompanied by trumpets, tuba, trombone and a french horn. Rasaan explains that he feels called, by his music, to reveal what the face of God might look like to those who seek to know Him.

Until recently, Rasaan was director of the music ministry at the Parish of Saints John and Paul in Larchmont, NY. This is the parish where the Emmanuel Community meet every first Sunday of the month. Msgr. Thomas Petrillo, Fr. Dominique de Lafforest and soon Fr. Frank Prima are the three priests of the Community that are based at this parish. Rasaan was also the principal organist and pianist at the parish. He always led the congregation with joy and inspiration helping to bring forth songs of praise for our Lord. He also founded the “SJP” Chorister Program for elementary school students within the parish community. This allowed for the children to witness to their faith by performing at the Family Liturgy each Sunday.

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Paintings imitate stained glass windows

The beautiful church of the Holy Trinity was also fitting to display Diana’s artwork. Seven acrylic on canvas paintings were on exhibition, all depicting the emotion linked to the Creation, the Holy Spirit and Hope in God. “I would like my paintings to be a window revealing the joy, hope and life flowing from colorful Creation”, Diana explains. And, truly, her paintings communicate her hope, her joy and her faith in a God that created us and loves us immensely.

Diana Durantel grew up in a grey, colorless & dark communist Romania. She is a graduate of the most renowned college in Romania, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Mathematics. She also studied at the “Ecole Polytechnique” in France. You can visit her website at

Written by: Marilys (NY)

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  1. Couderc Claude et Anne-Marie
    December 14, 2014    

    Bonjour de France!

    Par ce message, nous souhaitons avoir des nouvelles de l’abbé Franck qui nous avait quitté l’été dernier pour vous rejoindre de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique… Peut-être arriverons-nous à communiquer directement bientôt?

    Merci de pouvoir nous répondre. (deux paroissiens d’Ambarès en Gironde)

    Que Dieu vous bénisse!

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