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Dear brothers and sisters,

A little news about the services our brothers and sisters help to provide in Gainesville through the John Paul II Training Center.

Pray for this mission and for all those who serve there. May their hearts be set ablaze with the compassion of Christ so that they may always serve the poorest of the poor with love and the light of Christ.

Food Pantries:
1. Total number of households served during the past month – 214
2. Total number of persons served during the past month – 828
3. Total number of children served during the past month – 372
4. Total number of senior citizens served during the past month – 16
5. Total number of pounds of food distributed in the past month  – 6,875

Ethnicity-please enter the number of people in each group served:
1. African-American  – 43
2. Asian – -4
3. Hispanic – 647
4. White  – 134
Total: 828

Gender-please enter the number of each group served:
1. Female – 408
2. Male – 420

Thank you to everyone who has donated time or money to the Center.

Written by: Donald (GA)

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