Our households are the regular means for growing in charity, zeal for mission, compassion, and much more. We gather weekly (or every other week) and lift each other up to walk the path of holiness together. They are also opportunities to be joyful Christians as we experience the fraternal life of the Emmanuel Community. Two proofs of this from one of our Minnesota households: having some Halloween fun and celebrating birthdays.

When household was held at the Triplett home around Halloween, the arriving brothers and sisters were surprised to find themselves being escorted into a jail cell. Tom Triplett had made it for a Catholic school fundraiser so he decided to have some fun with it with the household. Thankfully for the three captives, it wasn’t a cold night and they didn’t have to stay “in jail” long.

Then, in the week after Thanksgiving, Heather Triplett and Katy Jantscher celebrated their birthdays (they won’t say how many years). Since one of the birthdays fell on a day when the group would normally have household, they decided to make it a “festive” household. They gathered at Buca di Beppo and were seated at the Cardinal table. How appropriate for a Catholic group! Thanksgiving evangelization moments were shared, upcoming trips were announced, and bellies were satisfied by the yummy family-style food. The night ended with a massive brownie sundae, two slices of cake, and a happy birthday song as the birthday women blew out the candles on a candelabra.

What a gift we have in our weekly households!!!

Heather (MN)


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