Gainesville community Food Pantry numbers for March


A little update on the March 2015 numbers for the Food Pantry our brothers and sisters and other volunteers run in Gainesville, GA.

A. Food Pantries
1. Total number of households served during the past month: 211
2. Total number of persons served during the past month: 852
3. Total number of children served during the past month: 321
4. Total number of senior citizens served during the past month: 36
5. Total number of pounds of food distributed in the past month: 9,786

D. Ethnicity-please enter the number of people in each group served:
1. African-American: 35
2. Asian: 8
3. Hispanic: 661
4. White: 145
5. Other: 3
Total: 852

E. Gender-please enter the number of each group served:
1. Female: 387
2. Male: 465

On Premise/Congregate Feeding Programs: 630
(ABC Group Home has 7 residents. Total number of individuals fed: served all 7 residents three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), 30 days a month. 210 meals Total meals for the month would be 630. 7 persons x 30 days x 3 meals each day = 630 total meals for the month.

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